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Full-Color Comics


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Join Draculad, Frankenteen, Zomboy and Mummy’s Girl - four average school-age kids with a magic monster- power -- as they protect their town from evil threats and more.  Think “Teen Titans”, Transylvania style!


Each 16-page issue contains a complete, stand-alone, family friendly, action–packed full color story..  Order your copy of this instant classic today!

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#1 - Our fang-tastic foursome get their monster powers and oh, yeah, stop a Martian invasion!

#2 - Gargoyles in a graveyard, oh my!

#3 - A haunted carnival and an unsolved mystery!

#4 - A giant monkey goes bananas and starts destroying the town!

Monster Kids #5 full_Page_01.jpg

#5 - The costumes come alive in our first-ever Halloween spook-tacular!

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#6 - The Martians are back and this time they brought company! Guest starring our very own Starflake, the cosmic spite.

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#7- Stranger things happen when a hit TV show films in Ackerville!

MK8 Cover redux fin (3).tiff

#8- A monster truck rally goes wickedly wild! Pre-order Today!

This digest-sized sampler contains min-adventures of our two kid comics,
Supered-Up Monster Kids and Starflake: The Cosmic Sprite!


#1 - Starflake must rescue kidnapped kids in this premier issue!

Starflake-Cosmic Sprite LOGO

Fasten your asteroid belts space-fans and pick up a copy of our latest kid-friendly comic, STARFLAKE: THE COSMIC SPRITE!  Written and drawn by legendary comic creator Nicola Cuti, STARFLAKE is an action-packed all-ages comic about a spunky, adventure seeking girl who can breath in space.  Don't miss a single full-color issue of these intergalactic, stand-alone tales. 

#2 - When the Galactic Bikers need help, who they gonna call?


Horror fans won't want to miss a single chapter of our exciting, new, full-color six-part mini-series, Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy's Brain!  Definitely not for the kiddies, this globe spanning saga tells the chilling story of  Dr. Victoria Banning, a brilliant but discredited neurosurgeon who discovers her connection to a dark past as she assists an enigmatic Egyptian consortium resurrect the brain of Kahotep, a once, great and powerful high priest to the Pharaohs. 


You'll love the retro-look of the aged paper and muted colors.  Filled with discovery, danger and deceit, it's an instant creepy classic!

#1 - Dr. Victoria Banning learns her dark destiny when she is summoned to Egypt by the mysterious Madame Uadjit.

#2 - Madame Uadjit's reveals more of her scheme to resurrect the brain of the long-dead Kahotep!


#3 - The newly revived Kahotep begins his quest for the canopic jars that contain the secret of his survival!


#4 - Victoria makes new allies in her quest to stop Kahotep’s bloody rampage!


#5 - Past and present collide as two classic monsters face off for the first time! Coming Soon

B & W Magazines

40-page Anthologies $10


Do titles like “Planet of the Were-Apes”, “Snow White & the 7 Deadly Sins”, “Undead Poets Society”, and “Maltese Frankenstein” make you chuckle with ghoulish delight?


Then it’s time to grab an issue or two of Fractured Scary Tales, the dementedly different horror anthology that’s been described as a cross between Robot Chicken and Tales from the Crypt.


Each 40-page comic mag is jam-packed with scary parodies of classic movies and TV shows with an ironic twist.  Featuring the work of talented artists from around the world, this is one comic-mag you won’t want to miss!


Rated PG- Pretty Gruesome, some content may be too intense for all readers.  Note: Some covers may vary to stock on hand.

fractured C1.tiff

#1 - The one that started it all, 7 classic movies get a monster twist!

Frac2 reprint front.jpg

#2 - More classic movies get the Scary Parody treatment!

#3 - Don’t touch that dial!   It’s our first all-TV issue.

Fractured #4 full_Page_01.jpg

#4 - Zombies, more zombies, and a giant two-legged lizard, too!

Fractured #5 Cover.png

#5 - Our very scary Christmas issue! Season’s Screamings.

buster cover ver x2 fin.tiff

#6 - See your favorite Blockbusters get the Fractured treatment.

Fractured 7 ver 2 preview.jpg

#/- More scary parodies including Were Waldo and Saturday Night Fervor.

Monster Smash-Ups is our monster-packed horror anthology for folks who take their horror a little more seriously.


It’s Monster vs. Monster and more as each issue features 40 fear-filled pages of classic Monster-Mash-Ups.  Using some of the same talented artists that made our companion book Fractured Scary Tales such a hit, be sure to add this Old School Ghoul Fest to your horror library today!


Smashups 1 vamp cover fin.tif

#1 - 7 chilling tales of classic monsters, including Dracula, Frankenstein and more!

Mummy cover fin 3.tif

#2 - 5 more tales of vampires, werewolves and an Outer Space Frankenstein!

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frightmares logo.png
Frightmares issue #1_Page_01.jpg

Premier Issue – 40 fear-packed pages with five stories of gender bent classic monsters. Mature readers only.

They're Here logo 2.png
theyre-here #1 sm-cover.png

Thrilling tales of aliens and oddities! 


Award-winning stage play now available in paperback!
People V Frankenstein color cover.jpg
Winner- Best Stageplay - Bare Bones Inte

Horror in the court!  A tenacious lab assistant and a wily Southern lawyer defend a monster for the murder of his maker, Dr. Victor Frankenstein!

Thrilling period courtroom drama for fans of the legendary monster. —90 pages

Award Winner - New York Screenplay Contest - 2019.png
WAAC - Cover ver 2.tiff
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