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Gruesome Greetings Monster Lovers!

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Kevin M. Glover,  founder and publisher of Scary Tales Publishing, has been hooked on horror since he was a wee tyke.  Perhaps best-known as the producer of the cult classic features DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS and VENUS FLYTRAP,  Kevin is a multiple award winning screenwriter and published short-story author as well. "Fractured Scary Tales" was his first comic book anthology and a loving tribute to the B&W horror mags of yore. He's very proud of the extensive line-up of horror comics under his banner now and the talented team of artists and writers from around the world who help bring each issue to print.

If you have any comments, questions or a mash-up suggestion of your own, please drop him a line at or fill in the form below. 


And if you're an aspiring artist or writer and would like to contribute to a future issue, please let us know.  Don't send any full stories until requested though. Our lawyers would kill us. 

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